When you started to shed away your fears and over-powering energy, you can make genuine friendships with wild friends. Animals are simple, they would run away if not sensing loving energy from you. Wildlife friendships require a trust factor which can be seen through heart, unconditionally.

They teach us about true & unconditional love.

I wish my children later would be able to make friend with any animal they come across, so they can feel how healing love could be.

Photos taken along my trip across Iran. 05. 2017

To teach me to loosen from judgement, my partner M. encouraged me to watch a movie named “12 angry men”. The movie is about a jury made of 12 different men, who gather to decide a case of murderer. 11 out of them are convinced the boy is guilty while…

Learning for its own sake (and the joy of learning) rather than accumulating knowledge.

Loving for its own sake (and the happiness of the receiver) rather than being loved back.

Giving for its own sake (and the freedom of releasing from stinginess and selfishness) rather than getting something back.


Photo credit: kind and pure Miro

This is an expectant spider who was working hard in a heavy raining night to prepare for her web before delivering baby spider. There were a lot of rain and wind in that night. The web was swaying hard. M had been watching her for almost the whole night, feeling delighted. From far were lights from rice fields in Ubud, Bali. Every thing came together perfectly in one moment. After a few days, we came back to the spot and found out the web scratched. A new spider baby was there!

Thanks for a new life.

Something inside me tells me that we are born not to set anyone straight but to courageously live what’s real inside us and express love to people around…

a poem in grateful dedication to Teacher Parker Palmer and his work “A hidden wholeness: The journey towards an undivided life.”

Ethics is not a bar

It is neither a set of external code of moral conducts

nor a ruler to measure or condemn each other

neither a set of rules applied to everybody

nor intellectual things to talk about

it’s intrinsic and unique to each person

you don’t need more ethical knowledge

what is ethics but a command towards being real?

you don’t need to learn about ethics,

you already know it

what it commands is your courage

and it’s totally up to you…

when was the first time we heard these sentences?

“I only love you if

you work hard enough

this is not enough, harder

no, this is not enough

better, stronger, faster!”

“I only love you if

you follow my order

and never ever talk back!

Be well-behaved and keep your…

a poem by Tom Rivett-Carnac and narrated by Jane Goodall


IT STARTS as a whisper
A word on the air,
It can’t quite be heard
But you know that it’s there.

As gentle as sunlight
As tenacious as hail,
In it’s route to the heart
It could not but prevail…

a stubborn child’s confession:

i repeat “i won’t do it!”

it’s my way or the high way

i would prove my way’s merits

if you can wait to let me try

what are your rationales? why?

let me think and I will decide

i won’t accept any defeat

you can’t…

let’s wish for everyone all that you have

let’s wish for everyone all that they want

let’s forgive people mistakes you have made

let’s give sincere compliments at least once

remove “yourself” to see “others”

see other men like your brothers

please don’t smile on any’s misfortune

because we’re going to die soon

you are eventually given what you are worthy of

I don’t hope to be the first one

for you to break sad news

I hope to be the first one

you think of when you want celebration

I hope you will shine, and I will say:

“I’m so happy for you, my friend!”

Hue Hanh

Whatever is, is best!

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